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Emilin Joma da Silva - new staff member


Since the beginning of May, Ms. Emilin Joma da Silva supports our team as a scientist in the field of "Forests and society".

(© Moritz Piehler; Thünen-Institut)

In the project “Green Jobs”, Ms. da Silva investigates the importance of green jobs in the forestry and wood sector for the economy as a whole and especially for rural areas. Her work focuses on identifying chances and challenges in developing green jobs.

In addition, she will establish recommendations to improve the attractiveness of green jobs based on the research. The "Green Jobs" project also supports the Forest Europe Liaison Unit Bonn. Ms. da Silva completed her master’s degree in Wood Economics at the University of Hamburg with a focus on wood‑flow analysis. Before that she concluded her bachelor studies in Wood Industrial Engineering at the Universidade Federal do Parana in 2014.