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Dr. Sven Günter was elected again to the scientific advisory board


During the European Conference of Tropical Ecology (26.-29.03.2018) in Paris, Dr. Sven Günter, team leader of the working area “Forestry Worldwide”, was elected again into the scientific advisory board of the “Society for Tropical Ecology” (Gesellschaft für Tropenökologie, GTÖ).

(© Gesellschaft für Tropenökologie)

The focus of this years´ conference, hosting more than 300 participants from all over the world, was on terrestrial and especially aquatic and marine ecosystems as well as covering a broad thematic range from basic science to nature conservation and sustainable land use.

The Thünen Institute aims at contributing to bridge the gap between basic ecological research and sustainable management of forest ecosystems and livelihoods of forest dependent people in the tropics. Congratulations to the new elected board and good luck for the future endeavours.

PD Dr. Sven Günter