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Dr. Melvin Lippe - new staff member


Since May Dr. Melvin Lippe is member of our team in the department ‘Forestry Worldwide’.

(© Christina Waitkus)

Melvin Lippe is interested in research approaches that can be attributed to a spatial domain. His current research focus is on the assessment of drivers and patterns of land cover and land use change (LULUC) at landscape and regional-scale, landscape ecology, and perceiving landscapes as coupled social-ecological system. He is further interested in the development of spatially-explicit life cycle assessment approaches, the use of spatial role-play games for teaching and learning  as well as tool for future LULUC scenario analysis.

He has a MSc in Natural Resource Management, Agricultural Sciences and Food Security in the Tropics and Subtropics and completed his PhD thesis on simulating the impact of land use change on ecosystem functions in data-limited watersheds of Southeast Asia at the University of Hohenheim.

He was involved in inter- and transdisciplinary research projects in India (BioDIVA), Thailand and Vietnam (The Uplands Programme), and worked as project coordinator (Humboldt reloaded) to develop research-driven undergraduate course and lecturer at the University of Hohenheim. He worked as post-doc at the Department of Biobased Products and Energy Crops, University of Hohenheim assessing policies related to emerging bioeconomy policies of Southeast Asia (BIOM-LAND) and mitigation options of indirect land use change (iLUC).

Melvin Lippe will be working on the LaForeT project, where he will coordinate working package 1 ‘multi-temporal analysis of deforestation/reforestation patterns’ together with Rubén Ferrer and working package 6 ‘landscape modelling’.