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Chinese-German workshop in Guyuan, China


From 21 to 26 August 2017, the Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF) and the Thünen Institute of International Forestry and Forest Economics held a workshop on economic valuation of forest ecosystem services in Guyuan (Province of Ningxia).

Dr. Peter Elsasser im Gespräch mit Prof. Dr. Yanhui Wang und Frau Wenjuan Yang von der CAF. / Dr. Peter Elsasser discussing with Prof. Dr. Yanhui Wang and Ms. Wenjuan Yang of CAF. (© M. Lorenz)

The implementation of sustainable and multifunctional forestry sought by China requires a weighing of benefits between individual forest ecosystem services. For this purpose, results of economic valuations of forest ecosystem services may serve as a basis for decisions. Besides providing a platform for the exchange of scientific knowledge, the workshop aimed mainly at planning a bi-lateral research co-operation within the framework of a suitable funding regulation issued by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL).

The workshop was attended by 14 persons. The participants of Thünen Institute were Dr. Peter Elsasser and Dr. Martin Lorenz. The Chinese participants represented besides CAF the Ningxia Academy of Agriculture and Forestry and Beijing Forestry University. The result of the workshop is a concept for a joint four years’ research project combining ecological and economical valuations for water provision, protection against erosion, timber production and carbon sequestration. The watershed of Jinghe river is foreseen as the project area. The project will answer urgent questions on relationships between afforestation, multifunctional forestry and water supply for the population and agriculture in this region of the semi-arid Loess Plateau.

The travel costs of the two participants of Thünen Institute were covered by the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE). For the co-financing of the planned bi-lateral research project, the Thünen Institute and CAF will submit a grant application to BLE.