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"Bioeconomy for Beginners"


The published book "Bioeconomy for Beginners" provides an interdisciplinary and comprehensible introduction to the bioeconomy.

(© Melvin Lippe)

It provides basic knowledge for understanding a transformation process that will shape the 21st century and requires the integration of many disciplines and industries that have had little to do with each other up to now.
The chapter by Melvin Lippe from TI-WF provides an overview of the "Origin of Biomass " and builds on the questions: "Where does the biomass come from that we need primarily for feeding the growing world population but also for future energy and material use?"
The chapter is therefore divided into a section focusing on agriculture, crop production and livestock aspects, while another section focus on Forestry and how to use aquatic Systeme and recyling materials for this purpose.

  • Lippe M, Lewandowski I, Unseld R, Pucher J, Bräutigam K-R (2020) The origin of biomass. In: Pietzsch J (ed) Bioeconomy for beginners. Heidelberg; Berlin: Springer, pp 11-66, DOI:10.1007/978-3-662-60390-1_2