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Article published: Climate calculator for quantifying climate effects of forest enterprises based on data from forest management plans


Due to the ability of trees to extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and to sequester it as carbon in the biomass, forests can make a major contribution to protect the climate.

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The carbon remains sequestered after harvest in wood products, which additionally causes positive substitution effects. Climate effects of forests and the use of wood are investigated in numerous studies. Nevertheless, so far, a robust and comprehensible calculation tool for forest enterprises is missing. Such a tool is described in this article. The tool estimates the climate effect of forest enterprises and the downstream use of wood. The data basis are the main results of the forest management plan (tree species, timberland, standing volume, growth and planned harvest), whereby the concept is coherent to the medium-term planning.

The calculations include the carbon storage change of forest and wood products as well as the resulting substitution from the use of wood. The results may be interpreted as average annual climate effect of the period of the forest management plan. The climate calculator enable to identify carbon storages in the living aboveground coarse wood, carbon sinks and carbon sources of the forest enterprise, to quantify the effect of the planned management and to communicate the climate protection.

  • Schluhe M, Englert H, Wördehoff R, Schulz C, Dieter M, Möhring B (2018) Klimarechner zur Quantifizierung der Klimaschutzleistung von Forstbetrieben auf Grundlage von Forsteinrichtungsdaten. Landbauforsch Appl Agric Forestry Res 00(00): Online first 20.12.18, S. 1-20. DOI: 10.3220/LBF1543210832000, pdf document