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Article investigating status quo effects in environmental economic choice experiments published


Which consequences do the five design dimensions in CE have on the choice of the status quo option? How frequent do respondents in a choice experiment choose the status quo option, rather than another option?

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In order to investigate context-induced status quo effects the design dimensions in a Germany wide environmental choice experiment were varied. What has been found is that the probability of status quo choices decreases with more alternatives being presented (and vice versa). This indicates preference matching effects (more options cover more of respondents’ preferences, so evasion to the status quo option is not necessary). On the other hand the probability of status quo choices increases with more choice sets, wider level ranges and alternatives being more similar. Furthermore, the current state of respondents’ environment affects status quo choices.

Oehlmann M, Meyerhoff J, Mariel, P, Weller P (2017). Uncovering context-induced status quo effects in choice experiments. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 81, 59-73, DOI:10.1016/j.jeem.2016.09.002