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Foreign trade balance

The foreign trade balance comprises imports and exports of all wood based goods. The total trade is subdivided into the commodity groups roundwood and residues, semi-finished wood products, pulp, paper and paperboard and finished wood based products.

Foreign trade balance of Germany with wood and wood based products from 1950 to 2017 in 1,000 cubic meters roundwood equivalent (m³(r))
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(Net) foreign trade balance


Germanys (net) foreign trade balance of wood and wood based products for 2016 and 2017 in Mio USD and 1000 m³(r) (cubic meters roundwood equivalent)

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Flussdiagramm zur Holz- und Außenhandelsbilanz

Flussdiagramm zur Holz- und Außenhandelsbilanz der Bundesrepublik Deutschland im Jahr 2016 in Mio. m³ (r) (Rohholzäquivalente).


On the supply side, our wood balances comprise the logged roundwood volume, the quantity of domestic recovered paper and recovered wood and the imports. The use side shows the exports and domestic consumption. Changes in stocks of wood products are also recorded. Wood and wood based products comprises all wood based raw materials as well as semi-finished and finished products.

For the calculation we use the unit cubic meters of roundwood equivalent (m³(r)). This unit is a theoretical figure which expresses how many units of roundwood have been used for the manufacturing of a unit of a specific wood based product. Consequently, losses of wood during the processing are considered.