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Fellings and roundwood use
On average of the years 1995-2015 the official felling statistics account for only about 75 percent of the actual fellings. Absolutely, this means that on average about 16.0 million m³ per year were not reported.
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European Forests Accounts (EFA)
The European Forest Accounts are prepared by the Thünen Institute of International Forestry and Forest Economics on behalf of the German Federal Statistical Office. They show the resource forest and its product wood from the area over the physical stock, its value and uses, up to the processing of the wood in the timber industry.
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Clusterstatistics Forest and Timber
Based on official statistics on turnover, the number of enterprises and employment we investigate the economy of forestry and wood industry. The main objective of our research is the quantification of the value added in forest and wood industry including their structural development.
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General wood balance
The general wood balance draws total supply and total use of wood and wood based products in Germany annually. Wood and wood based products subsume all wood based raw materials as well as semi-finished and finished products. On the supply side, the wood balance comprises the logged volume (fellings), the quantity of domestic recovered paper and recovered wood and the imports. The use side shows the exports and (apparent) domestic consumption. Changes in stocks of wood products are also recorded.
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Foreign trade balance
The foreign trade balance comprises imports and exports of all wood based goods. The total trade is subdivided into the commodity groups roundwood and residues, semi-finished wood products, pulp, paper and paperboard and finished wood based products.
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Roundwood balance
The roundwood balance contrasts supply and use of roundwood in Germany. The supply consists of the logged volume (fellings) and imports. The use side consists of exports and domestic consumption. Changes in stocks of roundwood are also recorded.
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World timber trade
The advancing globalization of markets and the internationalization of policies with regard to forest and wood have put the global wood trade flows into the focus of the public. In order to make visible how the world trade flows are structured with wood products and how they are changing over the course of time, we have been analyzing the global trade of wood products at regular intervals since 1993.
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Data Base Forest Services
Bibliography and Data Base on Forest Ecosystem Service Valuation Studies in Austria, Germany and Switzerland