Water deficiency – in Germany?


Messung des Blatt-Turgordruckes an Eichen zur Identifizierung des Stresszustandes
Measuring the leaf-turgor pressure on oaks to evaluate the drought risk (© Thünen-Institut/Jürgen Müller)

In Germany there are already decreases in yield due to dry periods and droughts in some regions. The climate scenarios indicate a further increase of dry periods and droughts. Which regions in Germany are affected? What can be concluded from this for fields and forests?

In cooperation with the German Weather Service and other partners we are identifying regions with a higher risk of water deficiency. For this purpose we are using available data on water consumption, soil, yield and growth. These parameters are used with climatic and soil-hydrological geographical data to model the water balance of landscapes. In a next step the results shall be used for adaption efforts.