No fisheries research without research vessels


Comparison of the length of the German fisheries reserach vessels (© Thünen-Institut/C. Zimmermann)

The most important and by far most expensive infrastructures supporting the work of Thünen Fisheries Research are the three German fisheries research vessels. FRS “Clupea” is the smallest vessel of the fleet specialised in coastal research and research into gear technology. FRS “Solea” is a noise reduced medium sized vessel specialised in acoustic surveys and operates mainly in the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Our Flagship, FRS “Walther Herwig III” operates all across the North-Atlantic Ocean from boreal Greenland waters to tropical West Africa and the Caribbean Sea. Walther Herwig III is the oldest of our research vessels and will be replaced by 2018 by a new and larger interdisciplinary fisheries research vessel of about 80 m total length. With this new vessel much broader aspects of marine and fisheries research can be covered, enabling to address all the scientific challenges coming along with the implementation of ecosystem based fisheries management.

In addition we use the boat "Belone" for coastal research in the Baltic Sea.