Do we have a welfare friendly animal husbandry?


Schwein im Kleegras.

How can we measure whether animals feel well? What options exist to evaluate animal welfare in livestock farming? Which political measures are effective in achieving improvements?

The use of animal based indicators with subjective scoring systems requires substantial training and regular checks inter-observer reliability. (© Jan Brinkmann)

Several Thünen Institutes do research on animal welfare. The Institute of Farm Economics evaluates the effectiveness of animal welfare measures of the rural development programmes (RDP) and develops new instruments such as results-oriented animal welfare payments. The Institute for Market Analysis examines the societal expectations on livestock farming and the acceptance of animal husbandry. The Institute of Organic Farming reviews animal based indicators on agricultural holdings (on-farm research) and examines approaches to improve animal welfare. In addition, scientists work on investigational questions at the experimental station of the Institute of Organic Farming in Trenthorst, for example on alternative calf rearing systems, the renunciation of dehorning in dairy cows or castration of piglets. The Institute of Fisheries Ecology works on the scientific principles for the assessment of animal welfare in aquaculture and advises aquaculture enterprises in the process of implementing new knowledge to improve animal welfare.