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Beech forest (© Heino Polley)

How much forest is there in Germany? How does it look? How does it change? The National Forest Inventory provides the answers.

Forest distribution in Germany by Länder (© BMEL)

The National Forest Inventory is the only large scale inventory assessing the area and structure of forests in Germany. This includes the available amount of wood, the age and composition of tree species as well as information on biological diversity. Based on this data, we model forest development and potential timber supply and calculate how the forest could develop over the next forty years and what services it can provide. The results of the third National Forest Inventory are available since October 2014.

Wood production, carbon sequestration, biodiversity - the societal needs are diverse. In different scenarios we are showing, how these interests can best be met. The scenarios represent different types and intensities of forest management.

The data from National Forest Inventory and Forest Development and Timber Supply Modeling (WEHAM) are essential statistical information for politicians, forest owners and nature conservationists. It is an important basis for policy decisions in forestry, economics and environment and for the sustainable utilization and protection of forests.

As a joint project of federal and state institutions the National Forest Inventory is repeated every ten years - in the years 2011/2012 for the third time. The National Forest Inventory is a legal mandate in accordance with the National Forest Act. Since 2010 a repetition in a ten years cycle is mandatory.



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