Forest Management and Wood Use

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We all use wood-based products every day - wittingly or unwittingly. Where would online shopping be without packaging? Who could live without toilet paper? It's not just furniture that consists entirely or partially of wood. Even functional underwear, orange juice or toothpaste contains wood components. The wood harvest is good - everything is good? It's just like the situation with cattle and steaks. Everyone likes them, it's just the slaughter that’s horrible. Wood is popular but forests should not be felled in Germany but should enjoy increasing protection. What’s the solution?

Arable land around the world is primarily needed for food production. That's why reflections on how bioenergy can become a cornerstone of the global energy turnaround focus increasingly on what is known as the ‘second generation’. This quickly brings us to wood because around the world "only" 1.5 billion hectares of arable land are available but four billion hectares of forest. Is this really the key to a bio-based, sustainable global economy or is humanity once again barking up the proverbial wrong tree?

No-one disputes the excessive use of forests in some important regions in the world. That's why Thünen Institute is pursuing to an increased degree strategies to combat progressive deforestation, above all in the tropics. Our main thrusts:

  • incentive and sanction systems which halt deforestation,
  • concepts for sustainable tropical forest use,
  • uncovering and combating the illegal wood trade.

In the case of forest use in Germany, different topics are involved since sustainability already enjoys a long tradition here and woodland areas have been growing for years. The social debate focuses first and foremost on the question about what proportion of German forests should no longer be used in a productive manner in order to concentrate on other goals, in particular, nature conservation in the future. This comes, however, at a high price. Firstly value-added and workplaces are lost, secondly global markets offset the loss here with higher felling elsewhere in the world - with the corresponding consequences.

Three tasks emerge from research within the Thünen integrated network:

  • We want to establish by means of which measures and at which locations nature conservation goals can be achieved with as few as possible constraints on the production capacity of forests.
  • We wish to prepare forests in an optimum manner for the changing climatic and economic scenarios of the next 100 years.
  • We want to help to tap into the potential of the valuable raw material wood as efficiently as possible to ensure that the resulting products are resource-saving, long-lived and internationally competitive.


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State Institute Institutabk Title Begin BeginnSort End EndeSort
ongoing wfMulti-stage assessment of biobased negative emission technologies (BioNET)Jan 20222022-01Dec 20242024-01
ongoing fgEuropean hornbeam, from a nurse tree to a promissing treeOct 20212021-01Sep 20252025-01
ongoing fgFrom plus trees to seed orchardsOct 20212021-01Sep 20252025-01
ongoing fgGrowth and drought stress tolerance in a provenance trial with red oak and selection of plus treesOct 20212021-01Sep 20242024-01
ongoing hfAutomated image recognition for wood species identificationJun 20212021-01May 20242024-01
ongoing wfFESIM-ProjectApr 20212021-01Mar 20262026-01
ongoing hfEffects of climate change on wood formation and propetiesJan 20212021-01Dec 20232023-01
ongoing wfInstitutional economic analysis - (small-scale) private forest Dec 20202020-01Nov 20232023-01
ongoing wfFuelwood in private householdsDec 20202020-01Apr 20222022-01
ongoing hfAlternative timber to natural forest teak for shipbuildingOct 20202020-01Dec 20232023-01
ongoing wfModelling of the global roundwood supplySep 20202020-01Aug 20232023-01
ongoing fgImprovement of fast growing tree species for wood productionJun 20202020-01Dec 20362036-01
ongoing wfRelocation Effects of the EU Biodiversitity Strategy 2030May 20202020-01Jun 20222022-01
ongoing fgAssessment of Norway mapleJan 20202020-01Dec 20232023-01
ongoing hfImplementation of new normative requirements for LCA data for wood construction products in the ÖKOBAUDAT databaseDec 20192019-01Nov 20232023-01
ongoing wo,wfValoForFeb 20192019-01Jan 20222022-01
completed wfAnalysis of illegal loggingJan 20192019-01Dec 20202020-01
completed hfInitiation of European research- and innovation projects in the area of wood-based added-value networksApr 20182018-01Mar 20202020-01
ongoing fgWood-DNA-BarcodingApr 20182018-01Mar 20222022-01
completed hfDeveloping competences in the Peruvian Forestry and Woodworking sectorMar 20182018-01Dec 20202020-01
ongoing fgDevelopment of scientific databasesMar 20182018-01Feb 20242024-01
completed hfDevelopment of a measuring system to determine particle dimensionsDec 20172017-01May 20202020-01
ongoing fgOriginDec 20172017-01Dec 20212021-01
ongoing hfMicrobiotas on African import timber: non-indigenous fungi and bacteriaAug 20172017-01Jul 20222022-01
ongoing hf,wf,wo,fgCharter for Wood 2.0May 20172017-01Dec 20302030-01
completed hfBuilding materials for affordable housing ​made from bio-based and recycling resources (BioHome)Mar 20172017-01Dec 20202020-01
completed hfDatenbasis zur Bewertung einer Nachhaltigen und Effizienten Holzverwendung im deutschen BausektorFeb 20172017-01Dec 20202020-01
completed hfInterface characterisation)Jan 20172017-01Dec 20182018-01
ongoing wfTBN-Forest of BMELJan 20172017-01
completed wfSolid biomass in the sector TCSJan 20172017-01Jan 20192019-01
ongoing hfThe Death Watch Beetle: Dietary preferences and life habitsJan 20172017-01May 20222022-01
ongoing hfAnalysis of fine structures of wood and wood productsJan 20172017-01Dec 20232023-01
completed hfThe environmental impact of insulating materials from renewable resourcesDec 20162016-01Dec 20202020-01
completed hfStrengthening renewable raw materials in the insulation marketDec 20162016-01Nov 20192019-01
completed hfRapid testing of VOC emission from wood productsJul 20162016-01Aug 20182018-01
completed hfHealth effects of emissions from wood-based productsMay 20162016-01Dec 20192019-01
completed hfHow do building materials affect indoor air quality?Apr 20162016-01Dec 20192019-01
completed woSurvival-Forest-Climate ChangeJan 20162016-01Sep 20192019-01
completed wfQuantification and regionalisation of economic values of forest ecosystem services in GermanyJan 20162016-01Nov 20192019-01
completed hfAlternative, formaldehyd-free binders for wood based composite materialsJan 20162016-01Feb 20202020-01
completed wo,fgDrought in Norway spruceDec 20152015-01Mar 20202020-01
completed hfProtection of wood in contact with sea waterNov 20152015-01Jun 20182018-01
completed wfAnalysis of the forest accountancy data networkNov 20152015-01Oct 20162016-01
completed wfWaVerNa - Nature conservation contracts in forestsOct 20152015-01Dec 20182018-01
completed hfDevelopment of kick resistant horse stable constructionsSep 20152015-01Aug 20182018-01
completed wfKKEG: Small forests, big impactMar 20152015-01Jun 20192019-01
completed woDIABOLOMar 20152015-01Feb 20192019-01
completed hfWood plastic composite interface characterizationJan 20152015-01Jun 20172017-01
completed wf,hfContribution to close-to-nature private (small-scale) forest management and support to FLEGT/VPA process in VietnamDec 20142014-01Dec 20182018-01
completed wo,hf,wfWEHAM-Subproject 2: Development of WEHAM scenariosOct 20142014-01Jun 20172017-01
completed wf,hf,woWEHAM-ScenariosOct 20142014-01Jun 20172017-01
completed fgLarge scale project on genetic timber verificationOct 20142014-01Dec 20192019-01
completed fgBeech seedsOct 20142014-01Dec 20172017-01
completed fgDNA-based identification of white oak species and geographic origin (DBU)Oct 20142014-01Mar 20172017-01
completed wf,hf,woWEHAM-Scenarios - Work Package 1: Stakeholder participation processOct 20142014-01Jun 20172017-01
completed wfWEHAM-Scenarios - Work package 4: Sustainability assessmentOct 20142014-01Jun 20172017-01
completed hfThe climate change mitigation potential of wood usage in new residential buildingsOct 20142014-01Dec 20162016-01
completed hfLightweight panels from particles with innovative geometrySep 20142014-01Jun 20182018-01
completed wfSustainable Management of Forest Genetic Resources in EcuadorSep 20142014-01Dec 20202020-01
completed woWEHAM (BAU scenario)Jul 20142014-01Dec 20202020-01
completed hfMaterial and process development for the production of wood-biopolymer sandwich panels based on renewable resourcesJan 20142014-01Oct 20162016-01
completed hfScenarios for optimizing the contribution of the forest-based sector within the EU to climate protection by 2030 (ClimWood2030)Nov 20132013-01Feb 20162016-01
completed wfIEEAF-UpdateSep 20132013-01Dec 20172017-01
completed hfGas Analysis Method for Wood-Based PanelsMay 20132013-01Jun 20172017-01
ongoing hfGreenhousegas Monitoring of Harvested Wood ProductsJan 20132013-01
completed lr,bw,wf,woAgricultural Extreme Weather and Risk Management PossibilitiesJan 20132013-01Mar 20152015-01
completed hf,wf,woThe future of global climate protection regime in the forest wood sectorNov 20122012-01Feb 20152015-01
ongoing hfSpecial editing office for Wooden building products in the Ecological building material information system WECOBIS in the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial DevelopmentOct 20122012-01
completed wfStrains in forest enterprises due to protective and recreational functions of forestsSep 20122012-01Nov 20142014-01
completed hfQuality of Douglas fir woodApr 20122012-01Mar 20152015-01
completed fgIdentification of timber origin for Larch and oaksMar 20122012-01Jun 20152015-01
completed wfStrengthening bioenergy-regions (BEST); SÖB 2: Regional analysis of value addedJan 20122012-01Aug 20142014-01
completed fg,hfSpecies identification and timber tracking system in Africa with DNA fingerprints and stable isotopes in AfricaJan 20122012-01Jul 20152015-01
completed hfIdentification of Tropical Hardwood in paperJan 20122012-01Mar 20142014-01
completed hfReducing energy consumption in the sawmilling industryJan 20122012-01Apr 20152015-01
ongoing hfStandard compliant life cylce assessment data for wooden building productsJan 20122012-01
completed hfEvaluation of timber towers in outdoor useSep 20112011-01Sep 20152015-01
completed hf,fgImproving eucalypt and poplar wood properties for bioenergyJun 20112011-01Dec 20142014-01
completed hfLife Cycle Assessment of FurnitureMar 20112011-01Aug 20152015-01
completed wfCooperative business models for woodfuelJan 20112011-01Dec 20142014-01
ongoing fgTest of progenies of a F1 seed orchard with hybrid larchJan 20112011-01Jun 20242024-01
completed wf,lr,bd,akCC-LandStraD: Economic valuation of public goods provided by forestsNov 20102010-01Oct 20152015-01
completed lr,bd,ak,wfInterdependencies between Land use and Climate Change - Strategies for a sustainable land use management in Germany (CC-LandStraD)Nov 20102010-01Apr 20162016-01
completed wf,lr,bd,akCC-LandStraD: Simulation of forest management decisionsNov 20102010-01Oct 20152015-01
completed woCarbon and nutrient storage of forest sites of Rhineland-PalatinateSep 20102010-01Jan 20142014-01
completed hfLife cycle assessment of prefabricated wooden houses: What are the environmental impacts from the forest to the construction site?May 20102010-01Feb 20162016-01
completed woForest adaptation - mixed forests (INKA BB)Apr 20102010-01May 20142014-01
completed fgAdaptibility and growth under climate change of provenances of Scots pineMar 20102010-01Jun 20142014-01
completed hfFTP GermanyJan 20102010-01Aug 20112011-01
completed hf,wfWater Use within Life Cycle AssessmentJul 20092009-01Dec 20132013-01
ongoing hfDurability of wood and wood productsMay 20082008-01
completed wfNatural Forest ManagementApr 20082008-01Sep 20132013-01
completed wfResource monitoring for woodJan 20072007-01Jun 20182018-01
completed lr,bw,wf 7-state-evaluationNov 20062006-01Jun 20172017-01
ongoing hfScientific support of the European Standard Committee 'Sustainable Building' (CEN/TC 350) and its national mirror committees (DIN)Jul 20052005-01
ongoing hfParticipation at the Round Tables on Sustainable Building and Ressource Efficiency at the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community with provision of Expertise on Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainability AssessmentFeb 20052005-01
completed wfSustainable Buffer Zone Management of Forests in GhanaJan 20052005-01Sep 20132013-01
completed wfSustainable Forest Plantations in GhanaMar 20022002-01Dec 20132013-01
completed hfStandardisation related to woodJan 20012001-01
ongoing wfNational wood market in a global contextJan 20012001-01
completed wf Jan 20012001-01Dec 20142014-01
ongoing woGreenhouse gas inventory for forestsJan 20012001-01
ongoing wo,fgClimate change and forest adaptationJan 20012001-01
ongoing woDrought effects on young trees (Open field laboratory)Jan 20012001-01Dec 20202020-01
ongoing woForest MonitoringJan 20012001-01Dec 20202020-01
completed olShrub control with goats in protected biotopesJul 19931993-01Dec 20122012-01
completed hfChanges of the environment and climate on wood formation and wood propertiesFeb 19911991-01Dec 20132013-01


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(limited accessibility)
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(limited accessibility)
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(limited accessibility)
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