Kleine Krabbe von großem Wert


A midget in the water, but a heavyweight in the ring of economics (© Thünen-Institut/Daniel Stepputtis)

Brown Shrimp (Crangon crangon) are the main focus of German fisheries in terms of value and are caught offshore with small-meshed nets. However, fishery largely takes place in the national parks of the North Sea, and, as for other fisheries, shrimp fishery is criticized for its large discard of small Brown Shrimp and fish. Additionally, Brown Shrimp are not yet protected by catch quotas. The fishermen are now seeking MSC certification for sustainable fisheries and accordingly have to meet several requirements:

  • Improvement of fishing gear selectivity
  • Assessment of the Brown Shrimp stocks
  • Development of management strategies

In close collaboration with stakeholders and other research institutions, these approaches will be merged in the near future to formulate a holistic management proposal. Subsequently, environmental impacts will be reduced to obtain stabilized Brown Shrimp stocks in the long term. Consequently, beneficial effects on the profitability of the fishery can be expected.