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  1. Rosa R, Yamashiro C, Markaida U, Rodhouse P, Waluda CM, Salinas-Zavala CA, Keyl F, O'Dor RK, Stewart JS, Gilly WF (2013) Dosidicus gigas, jumbo squid. In: Rosa R, O'Dor RK, Pierce GJ (eds) Advances in squid biology, ecology and fisheries : Part II – Oegopsid squids. New York: Nova Science Publishers
  2. Bloor I, Gras M, Keyl F, Oesterwind D, Pierce GJ, Seixas S (2011) Review and report on innovative cephalopod research results in the ICES area, with particular emphasis on (i) studies on paralaval (ELS, ELS) ecology and physiology and (ii) experimental studies on possible effects of climate change. ICES WGCEPH Rep 2011:18-26