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  1. Frelat R, Kortsch S, Kröncke I, Neumann H, Nordström MC, Olivier P, Sell AF (2022) Food web structure and community composition: a comparison across space and time in the North Sea. Ecography:e05945, DOI:10.1111/ecog.05945
    pdf document (limited accessibility) 2130 kb
  2. Stelzenmüller V, Letschert J, Gimpel A, Kraan C, Probst WN, Degraer S, Döring R (2022) From plate to plug: The impact of offshore renewables on European fisheries and the role of marine spatial planning. Renewable Sustainable Energy Rev 158:112108, DOI:10.1016/j.rser.2022.112108
  3. Casey J, Virtanen J, Bernreuther M, Döring R, Kraak SBM, Stransky C, Abella JA, Bastardie F, Borges L, Catchpole T, Damalas D, Daskalov G, Gascuel D, Grati F, Ibaibarriaga L, Jung A, Knittweis L, Ligas A, Martin P, Motova A, et al (2022) Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF) - Assessment of balance indicators for key fleet segments and review of national reports on Member States efforts to achieve balance between fleet capacity and fishing opportunities (STECF-21-16). Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, 253 p, JRC Sci Pol Rep, DOI:10.2760/565659
    pdf document (limited accessibility) 3335 kb
  4. Bernreuther M, Höffle H, Astakhov A, Kristinsson K, Rolskii A (2022) Working group on international deep pelagic ecosystem surveys (WGIDEEPS 2nd Report; outputs from 2021 meeting). Copenhagen: ICES, 57 p, ICES Sci Rep 3(104), DOI:10.17895/
    pdf document (limited accessibility) 15167 kb
  5. Bastardie F, Brown E, Andonegi E, Arthur R, Beukhof E, Depestele J, Döring R, Eigaard OR, Garcia-Baron I, Llope M, Mendes H, Piet GJ, Reid D (2021) A review characterizing 25 ecosystem challenges to be addressed by an ecosystem approach to fisheries management in Europe. Front Mar Sci 7:629186, DOI:10.3389/fmars.2020.629186
    pdf document (limited accessibility) 5245 kb
  6. Gissi E, Manea E, Mazaris AD, Fraschetti S, Almpanidou V, Bevilacqua S, Coll M, Guarnieri G, Lloret-Lloret E, Pascual M, Petza D, Rilov G, Schonwald M, Stelzenmüller V, Katsanevakis S (2021) A review of the combined effects of climate change and other local human stressors on the marine environment. Sci Total Environ 755(Part 1):142564, DOI:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2020.142564
    pdf document (limited accessibility) 3460 kb
  7. Egekvist J, Hiddink JG, Balestri E, Berkenhagen J, Blondeel L, Boulcott P, Canals M, Connor D, Coull K, D'Andrea L, Denderen D van, Depestele J, Doncheva V, Fanelli E, Fernandez U, Holah H, González Irusta JM, Kavadas S, Kraan C, Mangano MC, et al (2021) A series of two Workshops to develop a suite of management options to reduce the impacts of bottom fishing on seabed habitats and undertake analysis of the trade-offs between overall benefit to seabed habitats and loss of fisheries revenue/contribution margin for these options (WKTRADE3). Copenhagen: ICES, 100 p, ICES Sci Rep 3(61), DOI:10.17895/
  8. Howell D, Aanestad Godiksen J, Berg E, Bernreuther M, Bogstad B, Casas JM, de Lange Wenneck T, Eriksen E, Fall J, Filin A, Gjoaeter H, Hallfredsson EH, Höffle H, Johannesen E, Kovalev Y, Nedreaas K, Perryman HA, Prozorkevich D, Russkikh A, Seim SE, et al (2021) Arctic Fisheries Working Group (AFWG). Copenhagen: ICES, 817 p, ICES Sci Rep 3(58), DOI:10.17895/
    pdf document (limited accessibility) 57902 kb
  9. Maureaud AA, Frelat R, Pecuchet L, Shackell N, Merigot B, Pinsky ML, Amador K, Anderson SC, Arkhipkin A, Auber A, Barri I, Bell RJ, Belmaker J, Beukhof E, Camara ML, Guevara-Carrasco R, Choi J, Christensen HT, Conner J, Fock HO, et al (2021) Are we ready to track climate-driven shifts in marine species across international boundaries? - A global survey of scientific bottom trawl data. Global Change Biol 27(2):220-236, DOI:10.1111/gcb.15404
    pdf document (limited accessibility) 1946 kb
  10. Mikkelsen E, Fanning L, Kreiß C, Billing S-L, Dennis J, Filgueira R, Grant J, Krause G, Lipton D, Miller M, Perez J, Stead SM, Villasante S (2021) Availability and usefulness of economic data on the effects of aquaculture: a North Atlantic comparative assessment. Reviews Aquacult 13(1):601-618, DOI:10.1111/raq.12488
    pdf document (limited accessibility) 321 kb

Results 1 - 10 of 1552

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