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Redfish with a label


Tiefen-Rotbarsch (Sebastes mentella) (c) Dr. Fran Saborido-Rey
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Stock delineation of redfish (Sebastes mentella) straddling NAFO (Subareas 0, 1, 2+3KLMNO) and NEAFC (ICES Subareas XII and XIV) areas based on genetic analyses of archived otoliths

How organic residues on ear stones help us to discriminate between different redfish stocks.

Background and Objective

This project will provide the first description of the genetic structure of the redfish (Sebastes mentella) stocks straddling NAFO and NEAFC management areas. Specifically, this project will determine the degree of connectivity of redfish that reside in the Labrador Sea (NAFO 2+3K) and Newfoundland's Grand Banks (NAFO 3LN) with those in the Irminger Sea (ICES XII, XIV) and western Greenland (NAFO 1), as well as with redfish from Davis Strait (NAFO 0) and Flemish Cap (NAFO 3M), based on genetic analyses of archived otoliths. Secondary objective: The project will complement the genetic description of stock structure with shape analysis of the otoliths.

Target Group

Fisheries scientists (ICES, NAFO), fisheries management (EU, NEAFC)


Analysis of genetic structure and shapes of ear stones (otoliths) of various redfish stocks.


  • Poster:Valentin, A.E., Stransky, C., Power, D. and Sévigny, J.-M. (2015). Depth-associated genetic structure within redfish (Sebastes mentella) across the North Atlantic: one broad region, two depth strata, two incipient species? ICES Annual Science Conference, Copenhagen, 21-25 Sep 2015, Theme Session I - A holistic ecosystem approach for marine management and conservation: Opportunities through the application of genetic and genomic approaches, ICES CM 2015/I:18.

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Involved Thünen-Partners

Involved external Thünen-Partners

  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO)
    (Mont-Joli (Quebec), St. John's, Kanada)
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO)
    (Mont-Joli (Quebec), St. John's, Kanada)


11.2011 - 3.2014

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