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How reproduction impacts stock size


mackerel eggs (c) Thünen-Institut/Jens Ulleweit
mackerel eggs under a light microscope (© Thünen-Institut/Jens Ulleweit)

Investigation of fish eggs and larvae in terms of species composition and size

Knowledge on the strength of the recruiting year class of a fish stock is of tremendous importance for sustainable mangement. Successful reproduction and foraging of fry are of essential importance for the further development of the stock.

Background and Objective

Based on the triennial Mackerel and Horse Mackerel Egg Survey in West British waters and the annual Herring Larvae Survey in the North Sea, the institute investigates the distribution, species and size composition of eggs and larvae of commercially important pelagic fish species.

plankton fishing gear
A plankton fishing gear is used for catching fish eggs. (© Thünen-Institut/Jens Ulleweit)
an adult mackerel (© Thünen-Institut/Jens Ulleweit)


Catches of ichthyoplankton are conducted during the spawning season of the relevant species. It is of importance to monitor the whole spawning season and the whole spawning area to get full insights of the spawning dynamics. This is only possible in an international framework, where sampling areas and time windows can be shared and co-ordinated.

Preliminary Results

We use the survey results to estimate changes in stock size. We share and process these data in international working groups to assess the stock dynamics.

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ICES data portal: eggs and larvae surveys


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