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Sea Fisheries

Thünen-Atlas on German fisheries

The German Sea fisheries land fish and other marine animals in the order of about 250,000 tons annually, which corresponds to about a quarter of the German consumption.

Where exactly cod, redfish, herring and other popular fish species are caught, can be viewed on the website The live weight in metric tonnes from catches of German fisheries in the North Sea, Baltic Sea and North Atlantic is shown as an average over the years 2012 to 2016. The catches of North Sea brown shrimp and of the ten important fish species herring, cod, saithe, mackerel, redfish, plaice, Greenland halibut, sole, sprat and flounder are not only averaged over the year and extrapolated, but are also displayed quarterly.

Visit the Thünen-Atlas on the German fisheries here (unfortunately, only available in German)