Institute of

Sea Fisheries

Symposium "Marine resources and offshore wind farms"


at the Thünen Institute of Sea Fisheries, Herwigstraße 31, Bremerhaven, Germany

(© Thünen-Institut/Vanessa Stelzenmüller)

The symposium aims to collect current knowledge of ecological benefits of offshore wind farms and the potential use of the available marine resources through fisheries and aquaculture. It will also cast an eye on the complex interconnections of social-ecological systems and assess the trade-offs of marine resources exploitation within offshore wind farms.

The different topics are addressed within the framework of three sessions. Each starts with a keynote speech and offers ample space for further presentations and lively discussions. Furthermore, research and results are presented on various posters.

At the social event in the evening participants can enjoy a delicious seafood meal, get together in a relaxed atmosphere and expand their networks.



Session 1: Measuring the benefits of offshore wind farms for marine resources

Session 2: Evaluating trade-offs for the co-location of fisheries, aquaculture and offshore wind farms

Session 3: Economic and marketing aspects


Call for abstracts

If you want to contribute with you own talk or poster, please hand in your abstract via email until 31 August 2019.


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