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Sea Fisheries

ICES Workshop on age reading of dab


(© H. Haslob/Thünen-Institut)

Age determination is an essential feature in fish stock assessment and fish age data is provided by different countries. The most common method in order to determine the age of a fish is by means of counting annual ring structures in the fish otoliths.

The aim of this ICES workshop is to identify the current ageing problems in dab (Limanda limanda) using otoliths and to standardize the age reading procedures in order to improve the precision in the age reading of this species. Age reading experts from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Iceland and the Netherlands will join this workshop to compile International guidelines for age interpretation and a reference collection of dab otoliths and to further enhance inter-calibration between laboratories.

Dab is a widespread demersal species on the Northeast Atlantic shelf and is distributed from the Bay of Biscay to Iceland and Norway; including the Barents Sea and the Baltic. Dab is one of the most abundant demersal species in the North Sea with its centre of distribution in the Southern North Sea

For questions regarding this workshop, please contact our colleague Dr. Holger Haslob.