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Workshop on the assessment and management of Atlantic mackerel


Atlantic mackerel is an important stock for the European fisheries. However, due to the dynamic nature of the mackerel population in the North Atlantic, the assessment and the management of this resource is not trivial.

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From 7 to 9 May, the Thünen Institute of Sea Fisheries hosted the ICES Workshop on a Research Roadmap for Mackerel.

Participants were top ranking fisheries managers, representatives of the fishing industry as well as scientists from nine European countries and from ICES. They met to discuss the future challenges on the stock management of mackerel. As a widely distributed species, mackerel has an impact on fisheries of many nations and the mackerel fishery is one of the most important fisheries in Europe. Although declining over the last years the size of the mackerel stock is still on a high level. Furthermore, since 2005 the stock shows high dynamics with an expansion of the spawning and summer feeding grounds. These dynamics led to uncertainties in the assessment.

During the meeting, approaches and a roadmap were discussed in order to reach more certainties in the stock analysis. Factors like stability, transparency and precision as well as quality assurance of the assessment procedures but also knowledge gaps on the biology of mackerel were considered.

If you have questions regarding this workshop or Atlantic mackerel in general, feel free to contact Dr. Gerd Kraus or Jens Ulleweit.