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Pilot study phase accomplished in CRANIMPACT


Nach Auswertung der Seitensichtsonar- und Fächerlotdaten liegt eine kleinskalige Habitatkartierung des Untersuchungsgebietes vor. The analysis of side scan sonar transects revealed the presence of an extensive ripple area suitable for experimental research. (© Thünen-Institut/Fock + Alfred-Wegener-Institut)

Last pilot studies for CRANIMPACT were carried out from 28 April - 2 May 2019, comprising a detailed survey of local bathymetry in the tidal gully 'Lister Ley' and an underwater deployment of the video system.

Activities were carried out in cooperation with the Wadden Sea station of the Alfred-Wegener-Institut (AWI). Underwater video transects are being used to inform about the traces of beam trawls after fishing has taken place during the planned main phase in summer 2019.

More information about this project is available on the project webpage, where you can also view an underwater video from this study.

If you need more information regarding this topic, feel free to contact Dr. Heino Fock.