Institute of

Organic Farming

Working Group Crop and fodder production

At the Thünen-Institute of Organic Farming various topics in the field of organic arable farming and crop production are in the focus since 2002. The research topics are both at cross-cutting issues such as soil fertility, nutrient management, control of weeds, pests and diseases and crop species-specific issues for the cultivation of legumes, potatoes and oil plants.

On the basis of soil fertility and the environmental conditions of Agronomy and Crop Science is the central production level of organic farming. It produces food for humans or feed for livestock. Organic farming synthetic chemical pesticides and the use of easily soluble mineral fertilizers are not allowed. This poses enormous challenges for the practice on product quality and production quantity. In the research the main focus is the development of improved processing techniques to produce more stable and high quality products. Priorities in research are nutrient management, control of pests, diseases and weeds and efficient working methods.