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Annette Pontillo
Institute of Organic Farming

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Kontrollstellennr.: DE-ÖKO-006

Scientific technical unit

of the Thünen Institute of Organic Farming


The scientific technical unit supports the technical and practical implementation of research projects, data collection and management, and preparation of further analysis in the laboratory. Work takes place both on the research station and on practical farms.

Technical unit "crop production"

The technical unit "crop production" creates and manages plot trials on the research station, takes samples and prepares those samples for analysis in the laboratory. It also takes the samples for the long-term monitoring.

Duties of the technical unit "crop production":

  • Administration of field trials
  • Sampling of plants
  • Quantification of yield parameters
  • Long-term monitoring concerning plants and soil properties Data input and data management
  • Execution and support of further experiments concerning crop production

Technical unit "animal husbandry"

The technical unit "animal husbandry" supports the research in technical and practical implementation of projects with the animals on the research station. It collects ethological data, aquires samples and prepares samples for further analysis in the laboratory. 

Duties of the technical unit "animal husbandry":

  • Behaviour observation
  • Collection of animal related data (e.g. weight, injuries)
  • Sampling (excrement, blood, saliva, milk)
  • Long-term monitoring of body conditioning score (BCS), locomotion score, parasite infestation, udder health, milk yield
  • Data input and data management