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  • Alexander Klein (Agriculture), Phone: +49 170 277 6323
  • Heimo Kipp (Administration), Phone: +49 4539 8880 411
  • Fax: +49 4539 8880 120

On the research farms experiments are conducted under standardized conditions. The infrastructure of the research farm allows analysis along the process chain from feed production to animals husbandry till the final products and allows the reproduction of agricultural product systems. Landscape elements (water bodies, hedgerows, forest, field boundary biotopes) are part of these systems.

The research farm is wholly organic since beginning 2003 and certified according to the EU-Eco-regulation 834/2007. The headquarters are located in the historical farm Wulmenau (see picture) south of Trenthorst (Westerau municipality). The landscape is called Holstein hilly country and characterized by hedgerows.

Climate and soil

Precipitation is about 740 mm per year, sunshine duration is about 1566 hours per year and mean annual temperature is at 8,7 degree Celsius. The soils are cambisols and luvilos and typed as sandy loam. The soils are mostly heavy and characterized as "minute soils" as timing for the tillage is of very high importance.

Crop production and animal husbandry

The research station is specialized in organic animal husbandry. Dairy cows and pigs are kept in modern stables. The herds are targeted at high yields without compromising animal welfare and pollution control. Management of arable land and permanent grassland is oriented at the demands from the animal husbandry. For comparison one part of the farm is managed without animal manure.

The research station is a demonstration farm for Organic farming in the federal organic farming scheme and other forms of sustainable agriculture (BÖLN).