Institute of

Organic Farming


Annette Pontillo
Institute of Organic Farming

Trenthorst 32
23847 Westerau
Phone: +49 4539 8880 0
Fax: +49 4539 8880 120

Kontrollstellennr.: DE-ÖKO-006

Maintenance departement


Torsten Cordts (Phone: +49 4539 8880 413)

The maintanance departement repairs and services both the agricultural and the research machinery. The maintenance supports the technical implementation of research (plot trials, technical equipment in animal husbandry and crop productin). The maintenance department is part of the research farm is headed by a master mechanic.

Support for the research farm

The maintenance departement is able to service and repair all agricultural machinery in the stables. this includes plot trial machinery. The maintenance department is a training mechanics in agricultural and construction machinery.

Support for the research

The maintenance department as part of the research station supports the research during experiments. Handling of plot trial machinery, construction of machinery and construction elements are tasks that support the execution of experiments. These tasks take place in the stables (e.g. experimental husbandry systems like the Mobile Chicken Research Center), on the arable land (e.g. fences) or directly at the machines. The work encompasses elements of metalworking, electrical wiring, carpenting, and construction working.