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Dr. Uwe Böttcher

Dr. Uwe  Böttcher

Retired since October 1st, 2017

Fields of activity

  • Acoustic survey of pelagic fish species (e.g. herring and sprat) in the Baltic Sea
  • Active member of the ICES Baltic International Fish Survey Working Group (WGBIFS)
  • Management of the database  of the international Baltic acoustic survey data (BIAS, BASS)
  • Scientific assessment of potential impacts of human activities such as exploration of oil and gas, sand and gravel extraction and offshore wind farms in the German EEZ in the North Sea
  • Biological investigations on biodiversity, species protection and the rational use of living marine resources
  • Geo Data Infrastructure Germany (GDI-DE), Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community (INSPIRE)

Research interests

  • Hydroacoustic stock assessment
  • Marine spatial planning
  • Protection of endangered species and natural environments

Scientific Background

1992-2017: Senior scientist at the Institute of Baltic Sea Fisheries in Rostock.

1987-1991: PhD studies at the University of Rostock. Doctoral thesis title: „Grundlagen einer Miesmuschelaquakultur in der Mecklenburger Bucht“ (in German).

1982-1984: Postgraduate correspondence course at the Humboldt-University Berlin "Engineer for the fish health service".

1980-1991: Scientist and project manager at the Institute of offshore fishing and fish processing  in the department of aquaculture and coastal management.

1975-1980: Diploma studies at the University of Rostock (Ecology and marine biology). Thesis title: „Umsetzversuche mit Mytilus edulis L. in die Darß-Zingster Boddenkette und Untersuchungen zum Bestand von Mytilus edulis“ (in German).


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  1. Neumann V, Schaber M, Eero M, Böttcher U, Köster F-W (2017) Quantifying predation on Baltic cod early life stages. Can J Fish Aquat Sci 74(6):833-842, DOI:10.1139/cjfas-2016-0215
  2. Winkler H, Böttcher U, Gröhsler T (2016) Baza pokarmowa ssakow morskich w poludniowej czesci Morza Baltyckiego. In: Walenie i foki w Morzu Baltyckim. Gdansk: Fundacja Rozwoju Uniwersytetu Gdanskiego, pp 28-38
  3. Winkler H, Böttcher U (2016) Bericht über die 294. Reise des FFS "Clupea" vom 1.9. bis 10.9.2015 : Biodiversität Pommersche Bucht. Rostock: Thünen-Institut für Ostseefischerei, 5 p
    pdf document (limited accessibility) 187 kb
  4. Mieske B, Böttcher U, Stepputtis D, Hermann A, Geraert L, Verschueren B, Naumann M, Breddermann K (2016) Fahrtbericht über die 298. und 299. Reise des FFS "Clupea" vom 24.11. bis 18.12.2015 und vom 06.01. bis 05.02.2016. Rostock: Thünen-Institut für Ostseefischerei, 22 p
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  6. Böttcher U (2014) Research report from the German Baltic Acoustic Spring Survey (GerBASS) on board of the R.V. "Solea" : Working paper on the WGBIFS meeting in Gdynia 24-28.03.2014. Copenhagen: ICES
  7. Miethe T, Gröhsler T, Böttcher U, Dorrien C von (2014) The effects of periodic marine inflow into the Baltic Sea on the migration patterns of Western Baltic spring-spawning herring. ICES J Mar Sci 71(3):519-527, doi:10.1093/icesjms/fst166
  8. Oeberst R, Böttcher U (2013) Comparison of stock indices based on BASS estimated with standard procedure and new proposed method. Working Document WKPELA. Benchmark Workshop on on Pelagic Stocks (WKPELA): 4-8 February 2013. Copenhagen: ICES, 4 p
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  10. Kaljuste O, Böttcher U (2013) Evaluation of acoustic time-series. In: Report of the Benchmark Workshop on Baltic Multispecies Assessments (WKBALT): 4-8 February 2013. Copenhagen: ICES

Results 1 - 10 of 47

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