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Masoud Abedi

 Masoud  Abedi

until July 14th, 2021

Fields of Activity

  • Progressing and improving current database systems, quality assurance and data handling of the commercial fisheries sampling program (DCF)
  • Developing and progressing applications for the scientific data upload mechanisms and data handling
  • Development and implementation of data mining methods for analyzing research data and making predictions of marine environmental variables
  • Programmer in C, C++, C#, Python, Matlab, FORTRAN, and Java


  • Machine Learning
  • Data Mining
  • Optimization Algorithms (Multi-Objective, Query, Multi-Objective Query)
  • Compression Algorithms


Apr 2018-July 2021: Researcher, University of Rostock, Rostock, Germany

Jan 2013- Dec 2015: Senior programmer at Rayan Tahlil Sepahan Co., Isfahan Science & Technology Town, Isfahan, Iran. Programing in C++, C#, and Matlab.

Sep 2013- Sep 2015: M.Sc. in Computer Engineering - Software, Sheikhbahaee University, Isfahan, Iran M.Sc. Thesis: Dynamic tuning of threshold selection in Fuzzy-based Pareto in NSGA-II

Jan 2010- Oct 2012: B.Sc. in Computer Software Technology Engineering, IAU Isfahan (Khorasgan Branch), Isfahan, Iran

Jan 2007- Oct 2009: A.D. in Computer- Software, IAU Khomeinishahr (Isfahan), Isfahan, Iran

Publications (Thünen)

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  1. Pourkiani M, Abedi M (2021) Using machine learning for task distribution in fog-cloud scenarios: A deep performance analysis. In: The 35th International conference on Information Networking (ICOIN), January 13-16, 2021 in Jeju island, South Korea.
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  5. Shekarchizadeh N, Abedi M (2019) Determining the constitutive parameters of a macroscale second-gradient model for planar pantographic structures by using optimization algorithms. In: Gleim T, Lange S (eds) 8th GACM Colloquium on Computational Mechanics for young scientists from academia and industry : 28-30 August 2019 in Kassel, Germany. pp 31-34
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Publications (more)

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  1. Abedi M, Pourkiani M (2020) AIMCS: An Artificial Intelligence based Method for Compression of short Strings. In: IEEE 18th World Symposium on Applied Machine Intelligence and Informatics (SAMI 2020), January 23-25, 2020 in Herl'any, Slovakia., DOI:10.1109/SAMI48414.2020.9108719
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  3. Pourkiani M, Abedi M, Tahavori MA (2019) Improving the quality of service in WBSN based healthcare applications by using fog computing. In: 2019 International Conference on Information and Communications Technology (ICOIACT). IEEE, pp 266-270, DOI:10.1109/ICOIACT46704.2019.8938448

More Publications

M. Abedi, P. Luksch, A. Malekpour, and M. Bukhari, A New Method to Reduce "Time and Data Consumption" in Data Transmission, The 16th International Conference on Scientific Computing (July 30 - August 2, 2018)- Publication of the 2018 World Congress in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, & Applied Computing, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, ISBN: 1-60132-473-1

M. Abedi, A. Malekpour, P. Luksch, M. R. Mojtabaei, A Method for Compression of Short Unicode Strings, 3rd International Conference on Computer Science Networks and Information Technology on 26th - 27th August 2017, Held at University De Québec, Montreal, Canada ISBN: 9780998900032

M. Abedi, N. Ghasem-Aghaee, Presenting a method for Dynamic threshold value in Fuzzy-Based Pareto Optimality NSGA-II, the International conference in new research of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Tehran University, Iran, August 2015