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Institute of Baltic Sea Fisheries

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    pdf document (limited accessibility) 999 kb
  2. Oesterwind D, Bobowski BT, Brunsch A, Laptikhovsky V, Hal R van, Sell AF, Pierce GJ (2020) First evidence of a new spawning stock of Illex coindetii in the North Sea (NE-Atlantic). Fisheries Res 221:105384 (in Press), DOI:10.1016/j.fishres.2019.105384
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    pdf document (limited accessibility) 1215 kb
  7. Amosova V, Berg C, Boje J, Cardinale M, Carlshamre S, Eero M, Gröhsler T, Gutkowska J, Hommik K, Horbowy J, Huwer B, Jounela P, Kaljuste O, Karpushevskiy I, Klinger R, Krumme U, Rodriguez-Tress P, Schade FM, Stötera S, Strehlow HV, et al (2019) Baltic Fisheries Assessment Working Group (WGBFAS). Copenhagen: ICES, 651 p, ICES Sci Rep 1(20)
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  9. Beest FM van, Mews S, Elkenkamp S, Schuhmann P, Tsolak D, Wobbe T, Bartolino V, Bastardie F, Dietz R, Dorrien C von, Galatius A, Karlsson O, McConnell B, Nabe-Nielsen J, Olsen MT, Teilmann J, Langrock R (2019) Classifying grey seal behaviour in relation to environmental variability and commercial fishing activity - a multivariate hidden Markov model. Sci Rep 9:5642, DOI:10.1038/s41598-019-42109-w
    pdf document (limited accessibility) 2729 kb
  10. Kraak SBM, Hart PJB (2019) Creating a breeding ground for compliance and honest reporting under the Landing Obligation: insights from behavioural science. In: Uhlmann SS, Ulrich C, Kennelly SJ (eds) The European Landing Obligation : reducing discards in complex multi-species and multi-jurisdictional fisheries. Cham: Springer Open, pp 219-236, DOI:10.1007/978-3-030-03308-8_11
    pdf document (limited accessibility) 600 kb

Results 1 - 10 of 848

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