How big is the bycatch?


Stellnetzfischer (c) Thuenen-Institut/Daniel Stepputtis
Stellnetzfischer (© Thuenen-Institut/Daniel Stepputtis)

Monitoring of the bycatch of protected species in German Baltic Sea fisheries

We want to get better data, how many harbour porpoises, sea birds and protected fish species are bycaught in German Baltic Sea fisheries, especially in gill net fisheries. 

Background and Objective

Fishing with set gillnets is a selective fishery, basically. But these nets are made of very thin lines, that are not only invisible for target fish, but also for other species, unfortunately. As a consequence, for example harbour porpoise or diving sea birds could be entangled and drowning in the nets. These unwanted bycatch might cause a threat for the populations concerned if too many animals are dying.

The collected data shall help to assess the impacts and potential threat that the bycatch might have on populations of the affected species.


Under construction, please refer to the German version of this webpage. 

Preliminary Results

Forwarding data to relevant ICES expert groups, as well as basis of ministerial reports to the EU Commission.



Permanent task 1.2001 - 12.2020

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