Institute of

Baltic Sea Fisheries

Questions and answers

...are currently only available in German. We try to answer questions often raised by media and the public, such as

  • Do anoxic zones („death zones“) threaten commercially exploited fish stocks in the Baltic Sea?
  • Are there sharks in the Baltic Sea?

Specific to the ICES cod advice 2015:

  • Why has ICES changed the assessments for Baltic cod from area based to stock based, and where are the differences?
  • How can area-specific total allowable catches be derived from the stock-specific ICES advice?
  • Do recreational fishers compete with commercial fishers for Baltic cod?
  • Why has eastern Baltic cod biomass declined so much after 2010?
  • What is the medium-term perspective for both Baltic cod stocks in the light of the historic major Baltic inflow of saline and oxygen-rich water in December 2014?