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Baltic Sea Fisheries


Mobile herring lab


Within a comparative study on herring growth hormones in populations of the Bothnian Sea and the Western Baltic, Finnish guest researchers of the University of Turku and scientists of the Institute of Baltic Sea Fisheries took blood samples of herring from Strelasund (Western Pommerania).

Der Thünen-Pickup als Feldlabor zur Untersuchung von Heringen. (© Thünen-Institut/P Polte)

Because sampling had to be done on living individuals, the Thünen pickup truck was transformed into a field lab right away on the parking lot of a boat rental. The blood centrifuge needed performed well with assistance of an electric generator. Additionally, fishes were strip-spawned to investigate embryonic development under differing temperatures and salinities. Some hours later, it became clear that the herring eggs could be successfully fertilized and the experiment will deliver the results during the following weeks.