Institute of

Baltic Sea Fisheries

Visit of a research group of the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research (IMR)


13 scientists of IMR’s Research Group on Fishery Dynamics, led by Jon Helge Vølstad, spent two days at the Baltic Sea Fisheries Institute.

Uwe Krumme, stellv. Leiter des OF, erläutert den IMR-Besuchern die Aufarbeitung von Marktproben im Labor (© Thünen-OF/A Schütz)

While we exchanged information on sampling from the commercial fishery, bycatch of seabirds and mammals, changes in biodiversity of the fish fauna, selectivity research and advice for retailers and processing industry yesterday, today’s program comprised a visit to one of our research vessels and discussions for establishing closer collaboration in some research fields. The present memorandum of understanding between Thünen and IMR, signed years ago, presently covers mainly our common work on recreational fishing.