Institute of

Baltic Sea Fisheries

Sea rescuers recover injured scientist from FRV Clupea


Fishing is the most dangerous civil occupation, with the highes rates of injuries and fatalities outside of military conflicts. While we are well aware of this fact, even Thünen personell is sometimes stuck by accidents. Quick help is essential in these cases!

Tochterboot „Notarius“ der DGzRS längsseits FFS Clupea zur Übernahme des Verletzten. (© DGzRS – Die Seenotretter)

This time around, a scientist of the Thünen Institute of Baltic Sea Fisheries suffered from a deep snag obtained while gutting cod, and required medical assistance. As „Clupea“ was hours of steaming away from the next port, the emergency doctor was delivered by the Sassnitz-based SAR vessel „Harro Roebke“ of the German Maritime Search and Rescue Association, recovered the injured scientist by means of its tender „Notarius“, provided initial treatment on board and safely delivered him at the hospital on Rügen island. Thank you, Sea Rescuers!