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Baltic Sea Fisheries

“Rostock’s Eleven” winner is again a Thünen PhD student


Paul Kotterba, PhD student at the Thünen Institute of Baltic Sea Fisheries, has won this year’s science communication contest “Rostock’s Eleven”, with his presentation on the role of sticklebacks as herring egg predators.

„Rostock’s Eleven“ 2014: Paul Kotterba nimmt seinen Preis entgegen. (© Thünen-Institut/D Stepputtis)

He is thus the 4th winner of this competition from our institute, following Petr Zajicek (2013), Simon Weltersbach (2012) and Robert Bauer (2011). The contest was conducted for the 6th time by the registered society [Rostock denkt 365°]. 12 young scientists from scientific institutes of the region presented their work to a group of 11 science journalists. The workshop took place between June 11th and 13th.