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Prize of the Baltic Sea Research Foundation awarded to Dr. Paul Kotterba


The series goes on: the prize of the Baltic Sea research foundation (donated for the first time) was this year awarded to Dr. Paul Kotterba from the Thünen-Institute of Baltic Sea Fisheries for his dissertation on herring ecology in coastal waters of the Baltic Sea.

Dr. Henning von Nordheim (Stiftungsrat FSO), Dr. Alexander Badrow (Stiftungsratsvorsitzender FSO), Dr. Paul Kotterba (Preisträger), Andreas Tanschus (Vorstandsvorsitzender FSO), Dr. Sabine Brasse (Stellv. Stiftungsratsvorsitzende FSO) vor dem Heringsaquarium des OZEANEUMs. (© Christian Rödel / Forschungsstiftung Ostsee)

The annually awarded prize is dedicated to outstanding works dealing with the research on the fauna and flora in the Baltic Sea and adjacent waters as well as studies on the effects of an increasing economical utilization of the marine environment. In its conclusion the jury held that Dr. Kotterba was able to fill essential gaps of knowledge concerning the economically and ecologically important herring and was further able to present his results in a convincing manner.

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