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Baltic Sea Fisheries

Institute of Baltic Sea Fisheries at “fish international”


The Thünen Institutes of Baltic Sea Fisheries and Sea Fisheries presented their work at the “fish international”.

Die Thünen-Institute für Ostseefischerei und für Seefischerei auf der "fish international" in Bremen 2016. (© Thünen-Institut/K Barz)

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"fish international" is the only trade fair for fish and seafood in Germany. It serves as a platform for traders and caterers where they can gain information and ideas. This year a stand was organized on which various research institutes presented their work. In cooperation with our colleagues from the Institute of Sea Fisheries, we informed about our activities at the Thünen Institute and presented especially our fishing technology department and the webpage "Fischbestände Online” (“fish stocks online”, in German). "Fish stocks online" gives information on the state of fish stocks, which are relevant for the German retail market.