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Baltic Sea Fisheries

European parliament’s Fisheries Committee visited OF


A delegation of the European parliament’s PECH committee started its tour through Mecklenburg-Western Pommerania at the Thünen Institute of Baltic Sea Fisheries today and was informed about recent developments in fisheries science.

(© Thünen/A.Schütz)

The delegation was headed by Mr Werner Kuhn and comprised the two German EPs Ulrike Rodust and Jens Gieseke as well as EPs from the Netherlands and Spain.We demonstrated how to process a commercial cod sample in the institute’s laboratory (and discovered a large piece of plastic a tray from a cookie packaging, in the stomach of a big 5 kg cod), discussed the current state of Baltic Sea fish stocks, the significance of recreational fishing, the selectivity of bottom trawls, pros and cons of pulse beam trawls and technical developments to reduce harbour porpoise bycatch in Baltic gillnet fisheries.