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Contributions to ICES

ICES working group
ICES working group (© Thünen-Institut/C. Hammer)

The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) is the world’s oldest inter-governmental organisation. Under the ICES umbrella, we coordinate our data collection with European partner institutions. In ICES working groups, we produce the basis for scientific advice on the sustainable use of marine living resources. The advice is developed in concesus and forms the basis for our service to policy makers and other clients.

Staff members of the Baltic Sea Fisheries Institute are active in many ICES expert groups and other bodies, most prominently in the „Baltic Fisheries Assessment Working Group“ (WGBFAS), the „Herring Assessment Working Group“ (HAWG), the „Baltic International Fish Survey Working Group“ (WGBIFS) and the „Working Group on Recreational Fisheries Surveys (WGRFS). All of these have been or are presently chaired by institute’s staff. The ICES president 2015-2018, the second German delegate (Council) and the German Advisory Committee (ACOM) member are all employees of the Baltic Sea Fisheries Institute.

Participation in ICES groups: 2015/2016

Committee / WorkinggroupContact PersonInfo
ACOMC. ZimmermannResponsible for providing advice (national composition; one member, 4 alternates)
ADGHERMACC. Zimmermann (chair 2015)Draft advice for management plans North Sea herring and NEA
ADGBSC. ZimmermannDraft advice for Baltic stocks
ADGCSS. KraakDraft advice for Celtic Sea stocks
ADGWWC. Zimmermann (chair 2015-2016)Draft advice for MSY ranges and reference points for Western Waters stocks
Council C. Hammer (ICES president, chair 2015-2018), C. ZimmermannTop decision making group in ICES (national composition)
DIGC. von DorrienAdvice and support for the ICES data center
HAWGT. GröhslerAssessments of herring and sprat stocks south of 62°N
PGDATAU. KrummePlanning of quality assurance for fishery and survey data
WGBASTH. Strehlow, S. WeltersbachAssessment of Baltic salmon and trout
WGBIFSR. Oeberst, U. Böttcher, A. VelascoCo-ordination of all scientific surveys in the Baltic
WGBIOPU. KrummeCollection of biological data
WGBFAST. Gröhsler (chair 2016-2018), U. Krumme, S. Stötera, R. Oeberst, H. Strehlow, C. von DorrienAssessment of almost all Baltic stocks (except western Baltic spring spawning herring)
WGBYCC. von DorrienBycatch of protected species
WGCATCHU. Krumme, S. StöteraPlanning of commercial catch sampling
WGCEPHD. OesterwindAssessment of cephalopod stocks
WGCHAIRST. Gröhsler, U. Krumme, H. StrehlowHarmonisation among expert groups, meeting of chairs
WGECOA. RauEcosystem effects of the fishery
WGELECTRAD. StepputtisEvaluation of pulse trawls
WGFTFBD. Stepputtis, J Santos, B. Mieske, B. LimmerFishing technology and fish behaviour
WGIABA. RauDevelopment of ecosystem-based assessments
WGIPSP. PolteCoordination of pelagic surveys
WGMARSH. Strehlow, F. Lempe, S. KraakMaritime Systems
WGRFSH. Strehlow (chair 2011-2017), S. WeltersbachRecreational fishing activities
WGSFDC. von DorrienEvaluation of spatial fisheries data
WKBALTCODU. Krumme, S. Kraak, R. Oeberst, C. von Dorrien, D. Stepputtis, H. Strehlow, C. ZimmermannBenchmark for both Baltic cod stocks
WKCOSTBENU. KrummeCost-benefit-analysis for commercial sampling 
WKD1AggA. RauAggregationsmethods Descriptor 1, MSFD
WKFASC. Zimmermann, U. KrummeRegional description of fisheries
WKGESFISHA. RauAggregationsmethods Descriptor 3, MSFD
WKGMSFDD3A. RauDevelopment of indicators to inform the MSFD
WKHERTACT. GröhslerEvaluation of IIIa herring management plans
WKIND3.3IA. RauDevelopment of indicators on length structure, MSFD
WKMEDSH. Strehlow, S. WeltersbachHarmonisation of the conditions for testing the  survival rates of discards
WKPLES. StöteraBenchmark for various plaice stocks
WKTRUTTAS. WeltersbachDevelopment of an assessment for sea trout in the Baltic Sea