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Values, attitudes and preferences of young adults regarding organic farming and organic products


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Values, attitudes, and preferences of young adults regarding organic farming and organic products

What do young adults think about organic food? Why or why not do  they consume ecological and regional food?

The project JuBio aims at answering these two and further questions in order to identify approaches for increasing the consumer interests of 18- to 30-year-olds in ecological and regional food.

Background and Objective

Even if the market of organic food follows an increasing trend, the market share is only at 4.7% of all food
expenditures. In order to increase the organic market shares, different measures should be taken. One of
these measures is to specifically address young adults.

Thus, the main question this project aims to answer
is how to motivate young adults to increase their demand for organic food. Decisions on food consumption
are based on preferences which are rooted in values and attitudes. Accordingly, this project will elicit
values, attitudes, and preferences of young adults for organic food. Emphasis will also be laid on
preferences for organic food from domestic production. Based on the outcome of the research,
recommendations will be developed on how to increase organic consumption in this target group


The study will use a mixed methods approach by combining three qualitative and quantitative steps of
empirical social research. All research steps will use the internet. Target group of this research are young
adults between 18 and 30 years. In this group the share of internet use is at practically 100% so that valid
results can be expected.

The consumer research will comprise online focus group discussions, a quantitative online survey and online laddering in a follow-up manner. This way, values, attitudes and preferences of young adults can be analysed in a holistic and in-depth manner. The results will be discussed with stakeholders of the organic supply chain in a workshop. Based on the outcome of all steps,
conclusions will be drawn which integrate scientific research and market reality.


Funding Body

  • Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE)
    (national, öffentlich)


8.2017 - 11.2019