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Market Analysis

Analysis of the Agricultural and Food Sector

How do agricultural markets work? How competitive is our agri-food economy in global competition? And how can policies take influence? With these questions we deal in the work area "Analysis of the agricultural and food sector".

A thorough understanding of industries and value chains within the agri-food sector is a fundamental prerequisite for the advice of stakeholders in politics, business and civil society. For this purpose, we analyze and explain the functioning of national and international markets and try to identify important issues and trends as early as possible.

The our analyses cover all levels from the regional up to the global perspective and include the markets for livestock and meat, milk and milk products, cereals, oilseeds, sugar and renewable resources.

Our core competencies are the knowledge of the structure and organization of agricultural markets and the competitiveness and efficiency along the various value chains of agri-food industries. Our toolbox includes a kind of instruments and methods for short-term and long-term analyzes. Continuous observation of agri-food markets, a defined processing of existing data and a survey of market participants is the basis of our work.

The information obtained helps us to assess costs, prices and corporate structures of different industries and to analyze the impact of policy measures on the agri-food sector as a whole. Together with other Thünen Institutes we derive a timely manner, assessments of competitiveness, of current market situation and of possible future developments. We provide orientation for both policy makers and economic partners and consumers and, where appropriate, to adapt to new market conditions.