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Our Fields of Activity in Summary:

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Analysis of the Agricultural and Food Sector
How do agricultural markets function? How competitive is our agri-food economy in global competition? How can policies effectively influence agricultural markets? We analyze these issues in the work area "Analysis of the agricultural and food sector", in order to be able to provide purposeful advice to policymakers, economic actors and civil society.
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International agricultural trade – Food security
Today, compared to 1960, the world produces three times as many agricultural products and trades six times as many. What pushes this trend? How does international agricultural trade contribute to food security, globally and regionally?
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Model-based Policy Impact Assessment
International developments and policy decisions affect supply, demand, trade and prices of agricultural commodities. In the work area, "Model-based Policy Impact Assessment" we identify consequences of possible future policy changes using economic models. Our results serve as a basis to support policy decision-making processes.
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Consumer Research
Antibiotics in animal husbandry, excessive logging of forests, overfishing of the seas – the current state of agriculture, forestry and fisheries has often been criticized. Many people reject modern production systems to some extent, and demand stricter regulations for producers. Yet, by far not everybody adapts personal consumption habits to own expectations. How should policymakers and the private sector deal with this situation?