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Contributions to journals /magazines at Thünen Institute of Jan Cornelius Peters

Contributions in reviewed journals / magazines

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  1. Peters JC (2020) Dynamic agglomeration economies and learning by working in specialised regions. J Econ Geogr 20(3):629-651, DOI:10.1093/jeg/lbz022
  2. Niebuhr A, Peters JC, Schmidke A (2020) Spatial sorting of innovative firms and heterogeneous effects of agglomeration on innovation in Germany. J Technol Transfer 45:1343-1375, DOI:10.1007/s10961-019-09755-8
  3. Niebuhr A, Peters JC (2020) Workforce composition and individual wages - An employer-employee data analysis. Brit J Ind Relat 58(3):719-742, DOI:10.1111/bjir.12519
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  4. Hamann S, Niebuhr A, Peters JC (2019) Does the urban wage premium differ by pre-employment status? Reg Stud 53(10):1435-1446, DOI:10.1080/00343404.2019.1577553

Contributions in non-reviewed journals / magazines

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  1. Hundt C, Margarian A, Peters JC (2020) Wirtschaftliche Vielfalt ländlicher Räume. Inf Polit Bildung 343(2):26-37