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Selected further publications of Jan Cornelius Peters

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  1. Naz A, Niebuhr A, Peters JC (2015) What's behind the disparities in firm innovation rates across regions? Evidence on composition and context effects. Ann Regional Sci 55(1):131-156, DOI:10.1007/s00168-015-0694-9
  2. Ozgen C, Peters JC, Niebuhr A, Nijkamp P, Poot J (2014) Does cultural diversity of migrant employees affect innovation. Int Migration Rev 48(Suppl. 1):S377-S416 (40), DOI:10.1111/imre.12138
  3. Buche A, Jungbauer-Gans M, Niebuhr A, Peters JC (2013) Diversität und Erfolg von Organisationen. Z Soziol 42(6):483-501