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Institute of Rural Economics

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Changing provision of services of general interest in rural areas


Sign posts to different services of general interst in a small town in the east Harz mountains (c) Thünen-Institut/Annett Steinführer
Sign posts to different services of general interst in a small town in the east Harz mountains (© Thünen-Institut/Annett Steinführer)

The school shuts down, the village shop has closed a long time ago and wastewater taxes are rising year in and year out. Residential vacancies increase and municipalities only govern the scarcity of funds. Changing services of general interest may look like that. In order to supply the population, new solutions are needed.

Background and Objective

Services of general interst are crucial for the quality of life in rural areas. The project aims to monitor the processes of change in these areas including demographic changes, new demands, retrenchment, privatisation and  labour force shortage.


We utilise existing statistics and scientific literature. In addition, we participate in conferences and the scientific debates. Beside the description, we also search for innovative solutions for rural areas. Therefore, we evaluate experiences of pilot projects, new initiatives, as well as other adaptation strategies of important actors. The focus is on selected services including local supply, health care, mobility and fire brigade.

Data and Methods

Secondary statistics are analyzed in order to describe changes in service provision, and to identify particular affected regions. In addition, we analyze documents about the institutional framework.


Involved Thünen-Partners


1.2013 - 12.2023

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Project status: ongoing

Publications to the project

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Results 1 - 5 of 22

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