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Brochure about local supply


Vacant sales area in the west of Harz mountains (c) Thünen-Institut
Vacant sales area in the west of Harz mountains (© Thünen-Institut)

Supply facilities have closed down in rural areas. More and more local politicians, representatives of rural development, and citizens are dealing with the question of  how they can sustain a provision within walking distance in the long run. The handbook should present the current state of research and provide recommendations for these groups.

Background and Objective

Since the 1990s, scientists and practitioners have been discussing alternative supply concepts as a solution for villages and they have established these facilities. The research project "Local supply in rural areas" evaluated respective facilities. The final report, however, consists of about 300 pages and the practically relevant information is scattered over the whole report.  It is hardly feasible for practitioners who would like to run, establish or fund facilities of local supply.  Thus, the project aims to summarize the relevant information and prepare it for practical use.

Target Group

representatives of municipalities, spatial planning, rural development, as well as shop keepers and initiatives for starting a shop.


We work up the results of the preceding research project particularly for practitioners. In addition, we are involved discussions in the course of presenting our findings and recently published scientific literature.

Data and Methods

The underlying data and methods correspond to those used for the project "Local supply in rural areas".



Involved Thünen-Partners

Funding Body

  • Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning
    (national, öffentlich)


1.2014 - 4.2014

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Project status: finished

Publications to the project

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