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Rural Studies

Arbeitsbereiche: Thünen-Institut für Lebensverhältnisse in ländlichen Räumen

Rural areas "put under the microscope" (© und Thünen-Institut/Stefan Neumeier)
Monitoring, indicators, regional analyses
Sign for recruiting doctors in the countryside (©  Marco2811 -
Basic service provision
[Translate to English:] Menschen und Schatten (©  Tom Barrett auf Unsplash)
Social structure and social inclusion
The fringe of a rural small town and a parking place full of cars. (©  Annett Steinführer)
Settlement development and spatial mobility
Two young people attending a demonstration (©  bierwirm -
Goverance and civic engagement
Landschaft mit Rapsfeldern (©  BLE/M. Junker)
Land use and protection of natural resources
Mills grind slowly! (©  Thünen-Institut/Manfred Bathke)
Policy impact assessment and evaluation