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TRUSTEE Sub-project 'Governance of policy at a local level'

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TRUSTEE (Towards Rural Synergies and Trade-Offs between Economic Development and Ecosystem Services), Task 3.3: Governance of policy at a local level

TRUSTEE is a research cooperation ofsixteen partners from eight European countries (Germany, France, Austria, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Spain, Sweden). The partners cooperate in research on the complex relations between economic development and utilisation and management of resources in rural areas. In order to cope with the complex topic the project applies an interdisciplinary approach. In Sub-project 3.3 we analyse how institutional rules and guidelines from higher political levels affect strategies of local agents.

Background and Objective

We analyse the interplay between changed EU regulations of different programming periods and the specific structures of different local action groups (LAGs). From these observations we draw conclusions on the governance of bottom-up processes on different political and administrative levels.


We analyse from a comparative perspective how frame conditions affect governance mechanisms in German, French, and Italian LEADER regions. What do different conditions mean to the implementation and effects of programs? Fundamental preparatory work steps are:

• A literature review on governance related research

• A comparative analysis of super-ordinated institutional frame conditions for LEADER

• The selection of case study regions by specific criteria.
In the centre of the work is the analysis of governance mechanisms in the regions based on data from existing documents and from own interviews with regional agents.

Data and Methods

We mainly rely on qualitative survey and analytical  methods. Data sources are programming documents from the countries and states, documents from the regions and interviews.


We expect the project to deliver insights concerning the governance in bottom-up processes in political multi-level systems and concerning learning organisations. This is important groundwork for an assessment of support measures that address "endogenous" rural development.

Involved external Thünen-Partners

Funding Body

  • Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
    (national, öffentlich)


10.2013 - 2.2017

More Information

Project status: finished

Publications to the project

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    Berriet-Solliec M, Laidin Catherine, Lépicier D, Pham HV, Pollermann K, Raue P, Schnaut G (2015) The LEADER process as an European policy for local development: a comparison of the implementation in three European member states ; paper contribution for 55th European Regional Science Association (ERSA) Congress, 25-28 August 2015 in Lissabon [online]. 33 p, zu finden in <> [zitiert am 22.12.2015]

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